Medico Legal

I am a Cardiff University Bond Solon accredited civil medical expert and have been preparing medicolegal reports since 2009. Nerve conduction and EMG studies are often extremely useful in personal injury claims to map out the extent of nerve/muscle/spinal cord damage and to offer a prognosis for the patient. The results of these tests often lead to crucial surgical decisions. I prepare around 50 medico legal reports each year for personal injury and medical negligence claims. I undertake my medicolegal work across multiple sites in the north-west making it easier for clients to get to their appointments.

Medico legal appointments last a minimum of 45 minutes, giving the client ample time to talk about his or her symptoms and for me to undertake the necessary testing. Reports are typically made available within 2 weeks of the appointment, provided all the medical notes have been made available in a timely manner.

Personal injury and medical negligence reports